Healthy Minds = Healthy Organizations
At Perked!, growing healthier and happier minds is our promise to you. We design fun, empowering, scientifically proven tools to engage your employees in the art and science of happiness.
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Because You Care
Legal Responsibility

For the first time in Canadian history, employers are confronted with a legal duty to maintain not only a physically safe workplace, but also a psychologically safe work environment.

Mental Health Commission of Canada
Critical and Costly

Mental illness is not only most prevalent in the working age population, but also the fastest growing costs of short and long-term disability in the workplace.

Right Thing to Do

You can make a significant difference to the happiness of your employees, their families and the community. Do it because You Care.

Why Perked?

Happiness is our business. We focus on promoting mental health and preventing mental illness in your workplace by providing you with tools that are:

Fun and Engaging

Scientifically Proven


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